Work Done so Far and some  of the car/engine stats:

* new Halogen head lights with purple LED Halos

* Purple faceted jewel inserts added to tail lights
* new 360 Mopar V8 painted to match  / installed with new oil pan...
* engine bay painted and misc. parts under hood painted to match engine
* new 268 H-10 Cam installed
* 600 CFM Holley 4 barrel carburetor completely rebuilt
* Torque Flight 727 3 speed auto tranny completely rebuilt
* shift kit added to transmission
* Braided chrome hoses added
* high output new 160 amp Alternator added

* high flow electric radiator fan installed

* new high output ministarter installed
* new Stinger 240 battery isolator added
* new 1,24 bore Wilwood Master cylinder added
* drum to disc conversion...

  • new 4 pistoned brakes on all corners
  • new 11" Wilwood front rotors
  • new 12" slotted and drilled Wilwood back rotors
  • parking brake lock installed for rear brakes

* new wood inlaid steering wheel
* new ball joints
* front and back bumper body work done - primed
* new front grill painted/installed
* differential and back axels/leaf springs painted

* new 4:11 gear upgrade swapped into rearend
* new dome light installed
* new wiper blades  installed

* New  wheels/tires

  • Back wheels  are US mag  15x8  5-114.3 ;  with P-295 /50 R-15  Goodrich tires
  • Fronts wheels  are US mag 15x5 5-114.3 ; with P-215 /50 R-15 Goodrich tires

* Rear Traction bars

* Upgraded throttle assembly

* Performance electronic exhaust cutouts

* Cherry bomb Mufflers with rectangular chrome tips

* Under carriage painted black

* Customized throttle assembly

* New electric radiator fan

* Rear shackle kit installed- back end raised 2 inches

* New electric actuators for shaved door locks

* Hedders installed, custom lower crossbar fabbed

* New front windshielded glass installed

* New wiring harness for tail-lights run

* Custom made OEM sunvisors recieved

* Custom hood scoop installed

*All body work finished, all seams, handles, keyholes shaved

* Car Painted inside and out

* New gauges and gauge pods installed

* Interior work done:

    - Custom made from scratch headliner 

    - Custom  Diamond hand-stiched 100% leather seats

    - Custom  Diamond hand-stiched 100% leather door panels

    - Custom  Diamond hand-stiched 100% leather side panels

    -  New molded carpet kit installed

    -  Whale wrap  installed on steering wheel

    -  Old tint stripped, new window tint installed on all window

    - Remote controlled automatic window poppers installed on back hatch window

Offenhauser 360 degree Intake
9 to 9.5 : 1 compression
8.8 Ford Mustang Rearend
4:11 gears
4 core custom aluminum radiator

In progress:  sound system install

After, all seams shaved.

To date, Payless Automotive in Pflugerville, Tx. stills refuses to accept the responsibility for wrecking my car and have reimbursed nothing for all the damages they did


They have returned none of the money ($739.00+) that they charged me for NOT FIXING my brakes.

In addition to the new cherry bomb mufflers and new rectangular chrome tips... I had some of these electronic exhaust cutouts installed.

Push a button and run open heads = more power, bigger sound.

New metal scoop (1966 Shelby Mustang) is added and finally all metal work finished

2 coats of primer, almost ready for paint.

And no more red plug wires... these are now installed and match almost perfectly!

New Photo Shoot  at the Park

new ceramic coated headers and high output mini-starter

ordered 03/09/17 and on the way

Valve Covers get a custom paint Job - The 4 barrel Holley Carb is off getting completely rebuilt

New Custom crossbar fabbed and welded in.... then hedders installed!

The shaved seams really make a difference.

Door gaps perfectly aligned!

Some of the Payless Auto Repair  damages

repairs have been started:

New grill painted  - Bumper repaired and primed and installed.


Nice battery isolator installed... needed to separate the dedicated sound system battery.

09/10/17 update!

Finally!!! New paint on the Outside.... and inside! Getting close to being done.

Next up: Paint the bumpers, grill taillight bezels... add the side stripes, Then reassembly.

worked done by Austin Interiors

New Mopar 360- painted and new CAM installed

Having some fun before dropping off at the body shop.... see video following the "work done" update below

Just have the sound system left to install!

Just the low end for the sound system - these amps and speakers will handle 6000 watts rms, 12,000 watts peak

Old 318 V8 out and engine bay painted

08/11/16  Video of the Gremlin's new cherry bomb exhaust verses my 1987 (350 V8 swap) Pontiac Fiero's glass packs 

a little clean up and paint.... scoop's underside will look great

4:11 Gears came in (comparison to the old ones)                                              ....and installed... that'll get 'er going quick!

a little cosmetic touch to the differential /rear axel/spring.

New Engine ..... Installed

detail paint for air filter nut inset

Time for the back brake drum to disc conversion

Front Brake drum to disc Conversion done!

Hey Payless Automotive...This is How it is done... since you guys were to stupid to figure it out.

First startup up Gremlin's New 360 V8 Mopar engine

detailed custom matched paint for the oil cap

Interior carpet, headliner, leather upholstery finished!

Soon time to start sound system installment.

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All put back together, the Transmission got completely rebuilt with a shift kit added.

Heavy Duty Alternator Installed to support the future MONSTER sound system

Burnout fun before heading to the Body Shop!

The Pretty New High Flow Air Filter came in.

These Wilwood Brakes have a nice pretty Wilwood Master cylinder to go with them.

New chrome mag wheels and tires on

Fatties in the back thinner ones for the fronts.

Also have the new traction bars installed on the back.

New Chrome braided lines (no more blue nuts).  ha ha

Brand new OEM windshield was installed too.

Found some as-new visor brackets on EBAY

and had new visors made to OEM specs

New Interior Pictures : Before and Afters - click for larger view)






Been a while since I updated.... but.... Here we go Here we go! a Lot has been happening!

My 1970 Gremlin's Restoration Progress

new STEALTH GREMMY tinting

Custom handmade headliner, Custom diamond stitched full leather seats and panels, New armrests and sun visors installed, new carpet installed, Kick panels recovered in carpet, New custom leather  stearing wheel cover.


eight HCX 690 6 X 9's - each with mid,high and dome tweeter (rated at 260 watts each)

four Alpine 12" subs (rated at 1000 RMS/3000 watts peak each)

tri-amp system - Fosgate Amps

receiver ,cd ,midi, usb

1970's as-new still-boxed 8 track player (reconditioned with new belts)

hornblasters external sound effects

Front crossbar had to be cut out to make room for headers

The new plug wires and new braided hose lines really look great!

new rear shackles installed to stabilized that rearraised it about 2 inches

for a meaner stance and now won't sit on the back wheels on take off

Hood scoop welded on and looks perfect!







And the with the mechanicals done, the car finally heads to the restore shop!

Lots of metal work to do.... Rust. dents, bad shave jobs, gap alignments....

Payless Automotive Damages to fix

01/28/18 update!

Body and Paint basically finished...

though headed back to body shop for  a few touchup tweaks in some places